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Wouldn’t it be great to cut down the amount of time your makeup routine takes? You repeat the same makeup application every day anyway, and you could probably do it with your eyes closed.

Certain features of your face might just need a little enhancement, and permanent makeup is an ideal way to accomplish this — without the hassle of daily application.

How Does Permanent Makeup Work?

It’s not exactly like being born with it, but almost. Permanent makeup uses color to enhance your features, so they look more naturally symmetrical or prominent. Tattooing techniques are used to accomplish the same thing you do with makeup every morning.

A very small needle is used to apply permanent makeup. The color is deposited just under the skin and is essentially permanent — it just may need an occasional touch-up.

You choose the colors you want for your permanent makeup. The makeup technician sketches the makeup onto your face and then applies the pigments under your skin. There can be a slight sting, just like getting a tattoo, and it may take up to a couple weeks for the pigment to set and appear the color you chose.

Who Needs Permanent Cosmetics?

There are a lot of practical reasons to get permanent makeup. If you have a busy lifestyle, permanent makeup can free up some of your time and keep you from rushing out of the house without your makeup on. Here are some other reasons to get permanent cosmetics:

  • Permanent makeup stays on in the water or when you are sweating.
  • You can permanently replace eyebrows lost due to hair loss.
  • Vision loss might make it difficult to apply your own makeup.
  • Muscle weakness or joint disease can cause hand tremors that make it impossible to apply makeup neatly.
  • Permanent makeup can “repair” asymmetrical features like lip lines or eyebrows.
  • Permanent makeup will not irritate sensitive skin or rub off or be affected by oily complexions.

The most popular areas for permanent cosmetics are lips and eyes — lip liner, full lip color, eye liner and eyebrows. There are other uses for permanent makeup, like around the nipple after implant surgery. Contact Dr. Brought for a consultation to see how permanent makeup can enhance your look and improve your life.

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