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Unwanted hair is a problem that can get worse over time. Shaving opens you up to nicks, scars and infection, and it’s just not practical in some areas. Waxing can be expensive, especially for large areas like the legs and back.

With most traditional hair removal methods, hair grows back, sometimes even thicker than ever. Managing hair regrowth can be a hassle.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

laser hair removal treatment in franklin tn

Using a laser, Dr. Brought can eliminate hair and the follicles where it originates. The laser targets melanin in the hair follicle, a substance that produces skin pigmentation. Without melanin, the hair follicle will not produce another hair. The results of laser hair removal can last for months.

After several treatments of laser hair removal, you may not worry about unwanted hair again. Most hair that does grow back will be thinner and softer than before, making it much easier to manage. Results of laser hair removal vary from person to person. Some people experience no regrowth after just one treatment. Others see slow regrowth after several weeks or more.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

There is almost no comparison between shaving and laser hair removal. Shaving stimulates the regrowth of unwanted hairs. The hair may come in stiffer, thicker and darker than before. Shaving also damages your skin, leaving razor rash and can set you up for in-grown hairs and razor stubble.

Laser hair removal reaches below the surface of the skin to remove the hair from the root. If hair grows back, it is often soft and fine, and may be almost impossible to notice at first. The procedure may leave the skin red for a few hours like a sunburn. After that, skin is typically smooth with no razor rash or other signs of the procedure.

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Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

laser hair removal procedure in nashville tn Removing unwanted hair with a laser is the most permanent hair removal system available. Typically, waxing needs to be repeated at least once a month, while shaving could be done every couple days. Certain areas of hair grow even faster than that.

Laser hair removal will require several treatments at first to get the results you want. Each hair grows on a different cycle, and the laser works only on the follicles that are in a particular part of the growth cycle. Multiple treatments spaced out, usually several weeks apart, can get each follicle in the right stage of growth.

When all unwanted hairs are pulsed with laser energy, there will still be some regrowth. It happens very slowly, though, and can be managed with repeat treatments once or twice a year.

Areas for Spa Laser Treatments

Laser hair removal can be used on your face, under arms, legs, back, bikini area or any place you have unwanted hair. It should not damage skin or leave any permanent marks. The laser only goes as deep as the hair follicles, so it is safe to use in very sensitive areas.

There is usually minimal discomfort with laser hair removal. A topical anesthetic is not typically necessary for the procedure. The after-effects of laser hair removal are no more intense than a sunburn and should fade shortly after your procedure.

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