Nipple Areolar Complex Tattooing After Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction following surgery can be an important part of healing. It can help you regain the feeling of being whole and begin putting your life back together after a serious illness. Additionally, breast reconstruction can help women maintain good posture and assist with the proper fit of clothing.

When you look in the mirror after a breast reconstruction, you want to look the way you did before. Rebuilding the areola, the darker area around the nipple, is not always possible. With this tattooing process, however, the reconstructed breast can be made to look more natural and closer to how it did before surgery.

Causes of Areolar Scars

Men and women who undergo breast surgery may end up with scars in the areolar region around the nipple. Depending on the surgical technique used, a scar may form around the outer edge of the areola or from the center of the nipple to the bottom of the areola.

Areolar scars can result from breast reduction surgery or augmentation surgery. Male breast reduction, a cosmetic procedure gaining in popularity, can cause an areolar scar. Both men and women are susceptible to breast cancer, as well. A mastectomy would create scarring in this region.

Areola Tattooing Scar Camouflage

A specialized type of medical tattooing can be used to camouflage scars in the areola. The scar tissue which appears white, in contrast to the skin around it, can be colored using this tattooing technique. When the scar matches the color of the skin around it, it is less noticeable.

Areola tattooing may require a couple treatments to completely camouflage the scar. It can also be used to reshape the areola to be more symmetrical or to match the other breast. Sometimes breast surgery is needed on only one breast, and the resulting areola does not match the opposite side.

Some breast surgery may result in a loss of the areola. In this case, a new one can be created with areola tattooing. Either one or both areolar regions can be added or augmented to more closely match a natural look. This technique is often referred to as areola re-pigmentation. It is a way of coloring in the areola when it is no longer visible.

Dr. Brought’s staff is trained and experienced in all types of areola tattooing. Contact him today for a consultation to find out what sort of results you could expect from this procedure in your specific case.

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