Preventing and Minimizing Scars After Surgery

Scarring is a risk of any surgery, even plastic surgery meant to improve the appearance. Any time the skin is cut or injured, it will naturally heal itself, but the tissue that grows in to mend the damaged area will not necessarily look like the surrounding skin.

Surgery requires cutting into the skin, but that damage can be controlled with an eye to minimizing the appearance of scars. Whenever possible, incisions are made in unobtrusive locations, so the scar tissue that heals the incision can be camouflaged in natural folds and wrinkles of the skin.

You can help minimize the appearance of scars after your surgery, too, by following these guidelines:

  • Drink plenty of water during your recovery period
  • Stop smoking several weeks before surgery, and after surgery, too, if possible; even gums and patches containing nicotine have a negative effect on healing
  • Gently massage your surgery site to increase circulation when instructed to do so
  • Eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise lightly every day once you are cleared by the doctor

With the right follow-up care, the scarring from your plastic surgery should be minimal, if it is evident at all. Dr. Brought is an experienced plastic surgeon with many techniques for hiding or minimizing scars from surgery.

How to Prevent Scabbing After Plastic Surgery

Scabs are a natural part of the healing process that protect the wound until it is ready to fend off infection itself. Keeping the area hydrated will prevent the scabs from getting dry, tight and itchy.

Never scratch a scab off. Rather, allow it to fall off naturally. Ripping the scab off before it is ready can leave scars.

How to Prevent Bruising After Plastic Surgery

Bruising occurs when blood pools under the skin and is a likely outcome of plastic surgery. You can minimize or prevent bruising by using a cold compress on the area.

Keeping the area of the surgery elevated will also make it difficult for blood to pool. Of course, drinking plenty of water also assists with improving circulation and keeping the fresh blood moving to and from the area of your incision.

How to Heal Breast Lift Scars

Some measures you can take to help your breast lift scars heal better include sleeping propped up on a pillow at a 30-degree angle. It is also a good idea to avoid strenuous exercise or any activities that could strain your incisions until they are fully healed. This might include lifting your arms over your head or bending down to the floor. Avoiding sun exposure on your breast lift scars will also help them heal faster.

If you are concerned about the scars plastic surgery might leave, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brought to discuss how they can be avoided. He will answer all of your questions about plastic surgery scars.

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